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6 ways technology is helping the LGBTQ+ community

Pride month might be long gone, but let's keep the conversation and support going! Read our latest blog to see some awesome tech for the LGBTQ+ community...



Pride month is firmly behind us, but that doesn’t mean we pack up our rainbow flags and sentiments of inclusivity. The LGBTQ+ community needs our support year-round. This is a community that has had to fight and protest for even the most basic of human rights. I am forever proud to be a part of this resilient and unapologetic community, but they could always get by with a little more support from their friends.

The tech sector has notoriously always been a ‘boys club’. Diversity and inclusion have taken time to seep into an industry that has historically been comprised of straight white dudes. We have made SO MUCH progress in recent years and I am so proud to have a career in the defining sector of our time, but we can’t take our foot off the gas now. 

Progress has been made, but so much more is needed.

And I absolutely love working for an organisation that not only recognises that but actively champions it within the agency. Our Director of Operations, Jen Swain explains why it’s essential that inclusivity is made a priority at 3 Sided Cube:

As a team, we've invested time in understanding the challenges that are faced by the LGBTQ+ community. When we educate ourselves, we develop a greater understanding of the diverse communities we all live in and we learn how to support each other as individuals. Ultimately that education not only helps to make us better humans, but also helps us better understand how to build technology that is inclusive of everyone.

In an effort to keep the conversation going and aim a spotlight on how technology can support the community, I wanted to share my favourite applications I use. From health, safety, advice, or access to a much needed safe space, I’m totally here for tech becoming a lil’ more inclusive!

Technology has had a massive impact on helping empower and educate the LGBTQ+ community and creating a more inclusive society in the process; let’s take a peek at the different ways modern technology can continue to break through barriers and support us.

Here are 6 great apps/platforms that I am loving at the moment:


The World’s First LGBTQIA+ Mental Wellbeing App


At Kalda, their mission is that everyone should be able to access affordable mental health support. And having a supportive community is key to mental wellbeing. They do just that by providing a stigma-free community where their community can access daily peer support in the form of LGBTQIA+ therapist discussions and weekly group sessions covering group therapy, mindfulness, and sharing.

Together, we got this!

*their app is launching soon, so keep your eyes peeled*


Uniting the LGBTQ+ tech community


Out in Tech unites the community by creating opportunities for their members to advance their careers, grow their networks, and leverage tech for social change. They envision a tech industry where LGBTQ+ people are empowered, well represented and have full agency, from intern to CEO. They firmly believe this will lead to equity and belonging for all underestimated groups.



Safe Space? Not sure? The Lavender app can help


You’ve heard of the “Green Book.” Now meet the Lavender Book.

It’s a new web app that was recently launched by a civil rights group to help BIPOC members of the LGBTQ+/SGL community find safe and supportive businesses to patronize across the country. As more people start to resume their pre-pandemic shopping, dining and travelling, the Lavender Book hopes to be a resource for those looking for a business that will make you feel respected and safe.


Healthcare and wellbeing support for the needs of the LGBTQ+ community

Desktop Android

Peppy Health, a company that provides specialist healthcare and wellbeing support, and is a prime example of technology that incorporates the needs of the LGBT+ community. For example, Peppy emphasises that their menopause support programme is available to all people, acknowledging that their products are not just for women, but transmen and non-binary individuals with ovaries as well.


A community and social platform for the community and their allies

Desktop Android iOS

Amino is the fastest growing community and chat platform for young LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Pansexual, and Gender Nonconforming) people and their allies. Meet new friends (or possibly dates!), express yourself, and share your opinion in a safe space and welcoming environment. LGBT+ Amino is a forum, community, and chat platform all rolled into one.


Safe, honest and open space for grief in the LGBTQ+ community


At The New Normal charity, it is their mission to connect young adults to help and support one another through life’s difficult moments. They are on a mission to normalise the grief process for those bereaved young and to give them the forum to talk through their experiences of grief in a supportive environment surrounded by those who have been through similar anguish. The groups are proudly run not by professionals but by young people who have lived with grief themselves, allowing you to open up freely, without fear of taboo or judgement.

It’s so cool to see the invaluable tech that’s available to my community! Every single one of these apps and platforms offers much-needed support to users, whatever part of their journey that they are on. I hope you find these as helpful as I have, and do shout us a holla if you have any suggestions for us to add to the roster.

Cheers to celebrating Pride 365 days a year!


Published on August 10, 2021, last updated on November 29, 2021

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