Holla! We're 3 SIDED CUBE, an agency for good driven by using technology to change millions of lives for the better. In our ten years, we've collaborated with international organisations and exciting startups to fight disasters, combat deforestation and help to reduce the impact of plastic pollution. This is our story.

We design & code so that you can change the world

Holla! We are 3 Sided Cube.
A mobile app agency by the seaside, working on projects worldwide.

Our passion is fuelled by making social impact on a huge scale. Helping organisations around the globe save the world one app at a time.

We live for the moments when the work we do drives change using the very latest technology. Since 2009, our gang of clever people have been at the forefront of digital because of our great ability to solve problems.

The OG Cube v.1.0.1

Let’s go way back to the days when the App Store was in its infancy and no-one had heard of the Kardashians, our big boss man Duncan quit his job, done with humdrum life of the generic corporate world and had a dream.

What if we use all this cool new stuff to actually do good? Tech that can inspire, tech that has a purpose, tech that fulfils its potential, Tech that is truly awesome!

Duncan Cook, Group CEO


Technology for good

Our mission was declared and our life’s work set out in that moment. We released our first app, an eyesight testing platform and it soon became the worlds #1 medical app for over a year. We were thrilled to be selected by our first clients, high street retailer Boots and humanitarian charity British Red Cross, it turns out we aren’t the only ones who think technology can be used for good!

Thanks Obama!

Fast forward a few years and Duncan almost self-combusted when he was invited to The White House to speak about our work on disaster preparedness and emergency alerting apps. Now, over a decade later 3 Sided Cube is proud to pioneer disruptive technology, partner with incredible organisations across the world and aid our client’s to achieve their goals…but our dream is by no means complete!


What gets us up in the morning?

We have one goal, our company mission that is our guiding star. It burns bright and flames our passions.

To have a positive impact on millions of lives by creating technology that people love.

The 3 Sided Cube Mantra

Solving the big issues

Our clients select us to help with tough challenges, From humanitarian aid and violence against children; to encouraging more people to play sport, no problem is too big. See our project portfolio for more changes we’ve made.

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Clean our oceans & seas

bee icon

Save the birds & bees

tree icon

Plant & conserve trees

wind icon

Protect from the breeze*

*Yes, we know a hurricane is a bit more than a breeze. But, it rhymes and we make great apps, not great poetry!

Don’t stop believing!

3 Sided Cube exists to push digital innovation and work on things we are passionate about. We don’t believe in a secret sauce, magic formulas or have a standard process when it comes to delivering projects.

But we do have a set of personalities that help us to do thing differently on our journey. So, press play, tap your toes and listen to epicness as we guide you through our values.

Fun fact: Journey is the best band EVER!!!



Stay curious, question possibilities and push boundaries in our personal and professional lives.



Do it for the love, not the glory. Inspire with our quest for excellence, and care intensely for others.



Leave our ego at the door. Listen, learn, fail well, celebrate success and be courageous.



Be honest, open and communicate clearly. Do what’s best for everyone, not just for yourself.



Have a giggle. Enjoy what we do and what we strive to achieve. Laughter is contagious, make the world smile.

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Join us

Sound like your cup of tea? Come join the team, check out our vacancies.

Humbly featured in...

We love talking about our clients, projects and ourselves. For press, print, TV, speaking opportunities or just a general chit chat please contact press@3sidedcube.com


Why partner with us?

We’re a disruptive squad of technologists, strategists, designers, marketers and developers. Working with each other, with your business and with you to exceed expectations to make things that people love.

3 Sided Cube was founded in Bournemouth, the UK, our HQ remains here and all our projects are delivered in-house. With clients all around the world, we also make use of the flexibility of satellite locations and use shared space studios, we’re never too far from you.

Mobile app strategy

Ready to make a difference?

We work with you to make technology that creates a safer, fairer, healthier and greener world. Your challenges become changes, tell us how we can create change for you.

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