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Revolutionising the blood donation process and making a nation roll up their sleeves with The American Red Cross.






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With blood banks running low and donations continuing to drop-off across the US, The American Red Cross reached out to 3 SIDED CUBE in an effort to combat the barriers that potential and existing donors were facing. American blood supplies can run out in just four months without donations, so the need to change the decline in blood donations was critical.


An innovative blood donation app which encourages, engages and motivates potential and existing donors. The platform needed to make the donation process more convenient and the experience more rewarding.

We developed a revolutionary mobile solution that has won several international awards including a Webby for Best Health App. We all had a mini fist pump moment when Blood Donor topped the one million downloads mark.

It’s an app that has saved lives, changed the industry, but more importantly, helped to bring in over $90 million in revenue for the charity and save thousands of lives. Donors can actually track their blood and see the hospital that it ends up at and when it has arrived. Being able to obtain this level of detail is amazing and can really encourage donors to keep going as they can appreciate the lives it is going to save – providing a reminder that ordinary people do extraordinary things when they give blood.

Due to the global pandemic, at each and every appointment, a COVID test was introduced alongside the blood appointment. This became an invaluable feature as the results could be accessed exclusively by the user within the app.

In the 8 years, we have had the privilege of not only working with but building a strong relationship with the American Red Cross. In that partnership, we have been able to constantly improve upon, and add features to this vital app!