Cube Academy

Build real digital products that millions of people use, around your education while getting paid and learning with the most talented individuals

Let’s face it if you’re a designer, developer or product person all you want is to build amazing products that people actually use.

Team at 3 Sided Cube

If you’re in education, unless you’re creating your own start-up, companies don’t trust you to build anything interesting. At best they let you play around the side.

This is what Cube Academy was designed for. It’s about working with the most talented individuals building real-world digital products that people use. It works around your study, is paid and we promise is more fun than stacking shelves, although probably less than working behind a bar, that rocks!

What have others built?


Designed and built an app while at sixth-form that became the number 1 app in 30+ countries with over 18 million downloads, with work featured on BBC, NBC, Sunday Times and more. Phill went on to lead the entire product output at Cube and is now Head of Product Concepts at London based Founders Factory.


Built and launched an app that was the number 4 in Australia, while at studying Physics at Imperial College London, he has since gone on to build a number of life-saving apps mobile apps AR-based experiments. He’s also developed a couple of his own projects, including the extremely successful CamNote.


Built and deployed a platform that raised £15 million for charity in a single day while at college. After completing college he went on to lead the Android team and 3 Sided Cube, producing life-saving apps used by over 20 million people.


Build an app to warn people of hurricanes, which became the number 2 app in the US with 250,000 downloads over a single weekend. This led to him having his work showcased on the White House website. Matt quickly after leaving University went on to lead the 3 SIDED CUBE iOS team.


Developed the first WYSIWYG CMS for mobile apps, now used in 80 countries and 45 Languages. While studying at St Andrews University. He has since gone on to join Google as a Software Engineer.

What roles are available?

  • Designers
  • Developers
  • Software Engineers
  • Product Creatives
  • Marketing

Who is it for?

You’ll be in education, be it uni, college or sixth-form and have more than 8 hours a week available. Cube Academy is about the most talented people working together building amazing things, so this means you are already highly skilled, you may just not have the experience.

To become a master of any field takes 10,000 hours

Malcom Gladwell

For designers and developers, you will have been coding or designing for years, ideally starting before your teenage years. Like in sport the younger you start and the more hours you train, the better.

For marketing it’s a little more tricky, we want to see something you’ve got off the ground that might be promoting a personal brand or something tangible with results.

What you will get?

  1. Flexibility – Your studies come first, so we work hours around that. We expect that when you have big deadlines you’ll do fewer hours with us but also when you’re not studying we can increase your hours.
  2. Mentoring – Most people that go through this program have amazing skills that just need honing and guiding to take them to the next level.
  3. Confidence – This is a big thing, we will help build your confidence and belief in yourself, your opinions and your ideas. Helping you to have a stronger voice and the conviction to push your ideas through.
  4. Team –  If you’re extremely talented you’ll find that you will work on your own because often the people around you are not at your level yet. Cube Academy is about being surrounded by talented individuals that you can work with, bounce off and trust.
  5. Build – The main reason to do this, build amazing products that people actually use.

How it works?

Level 1

During this level, you will go through the introduction and get familiar with the team.

Level 2

You’ll be working on small parts of existing projects to help learn the ropes and work within the dedicated team.

Level 3

Moving up a level, it’s now time to work on bigger parts of products, building and prototyping from scratch.

Level 4

You’ve done it! Once you’ve passed Level 3, Here you’ll become a core part of the team working on major existing projects as well as new ones, either part-time, on a year placement or as an apprenticeship.


  • Where: You need to be based within travelling distance of the Bournemouth area and the first three levels are done on site in our Bournemouth office, past Level 3, you’ll be able to do remote work.