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Podcast alert: Igniting Change Season 4

Buckle up for Igniting Change S4: where we chat all things tech for good with some of our epic guests from Oxfam, Greenpeace, and the World Food Programme, oh my!



Ok, good news and bad news….

The good news is, that our award-winning podcast, Igniting Change is almost back for another season!

The bad news? You have 24 hours to wait to listen to Episode 1. I know, I know—Tom Petty was right: the waiting is the hardest part. But it’ll be well worth it! Why? Because the podcast is nearly back and, dare I say, better than ever. We’ve evolved, much like our old Zoolander flip phones from days of yore. Our podcast has undergone a transformation, leaving the T9 version in the dust for an iPhone 15-level glow-up over previous seasons.

So check out our blog and find out what Season 4 has in store from your friendly neighbourhood podcast…

What's Igniting Change all about?

We build Tech for Good and offer our fantastic clients digital solutions that have a very real impact and change millions of lives for the better all over the world. But don’t just take my word for it, check out some of the work we have done with UNHCR, The UN Refugee Agency, Lush, Global Forest Watch, and the American Red Cross.

So with all those people and planet helping custom software builds keeping us busy, you might find yourself asking, “As a tech agency, why have a podcast?!

Good question!

Besides being tech enthusiasts, we’re big believers in collaboration and transparency. The more conversations we facilitate about harnessing technology for positive impact, the more we hope to drive much-needed change. What started out as a way to sit down (virtually) with our guests across the environmental sector to gain insight into why consumers aren’t making more sustainable choices, has evolved into weekly conversations with brilliant minds across many fields, to spotlight how organisations and individuals are wielding tech like a lightsaber for global good.

From renewable energy to responsible AI, it's not just talk; it's a blueprint for action. And it's happening all around us.

We all know the gravity of the global situation and the crises humanity is facing every single day. The news is a lot. It’s doomscroll central out there. This is exactly why we wanted to use our platform to spotlight the folks who aren’t just commenting from the sidelines. They’re in the trenches working tirelessly towards very real change, and they’ve got the dirt under their nails to prove it.

Tune into Igniting Change and you’ll find it’s not all end-of-the-world forecasts. We’ve got guests who’ll restore your faith in humanity—or at least in the power of ingenuity, collaboration, and the almighty innovation. So if you’re into pairing your existential dread with a side of actionable insight, hit that subscribe button.

Let’s ignite change together, shall we?

Meet The Igniting Change Crew

Ready to meet the ultimate conversation-starters behind the mic?

Hailing from 3 Sided Cube HQ, we’ve got Duncan Cook, the Founder who can turn ANY topic into a TED Talk. Then there’s Sophie Hardiman, our COO, who could navigate a discussion around bias in big data as smoothly as she leads our entire production team to deliver the tech for good products we know and love today. And last but certainly not least, lest we forget Sophia ‘Puff’ Story, the Co-Founder of Cube USA, whose name alone promises an unforgettable conversation worth tuning into.

Our trio isn’t just “good” at driving dialogue; their bants are top drawer, expertly driving the conversations with guests whose stories are often as intriguing as their own.

Time zones? Pfft, they don’t hold a candle to our lil’ ol’ podcast – which is important as we’re on a mission to ignite change, after all. Our guests are as global as your Spotify playlist. That means whether you’re sipping your morning coffee in New York or having your afternoon cuppa in London, we’ve got the scheduling down to ensure we snag the crème de la crème of podcast guests for your listening pleasure.

Previously on Igniting Change...

Last season, our guest list read like the VIP section of a “Global Changemakers” gala. We had trailblazers from WWF, NHS, American Humane, Smile Train, and Wildlife Conservation Society, to name but a few! Imagine hosting a dinner party and finding out both Beyoncé and Elon Musk RSVP’d ‘yes.’ The Met Gala of the tech for good world, you could say. (I might be taking *some* liberties with that one, but you get the point)

And as every gala needs a shiny trophy—we picked up a Vega and a Web Excellence for Season 3. We didn’t get into podcasting for the trophy case, but if accolades were cocktails, we’d be pretty buzzed. Hitting ‘record’ every week isn’t about the hardware, but those shiny tokens? They’re fist-bump-worthy validation for doing something we’re passionate about and thoroughly enjoy.

Want Igniting Change updates?

We’re betting on tech as humanity’s ace in the hole.

Aside from conquering the podcast world, we’re going all in on building digital products that are both life-saving and life-changing. Think of us as the Q to your James Bond, equipping you with the tools to save the world, one app at a time. We craft digital solutions that empower people, businesses, and NGOs to make not just better choices, but downright game-changing ones.

So, if you’re out there wielding tech like Thor with Mjölnir for the forces of good, let’s talk. Seriously. Slide into our DMs or send up a smoke signal.

We want you and your story to join us in lighting up the airwaves and, you know, changing the world.

Catch-up on previous episodes here:

  • Seema Iyer, Senior Director of The Hive at USA for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, joins us to discuss her circuitous career path, and how she went from studying human migration patterns in the former Soviet Union during the ’90s to running the data science and innovation lab for UNHCR.
  • Thrilled to have Bill Miller, CEO of the Keane University Foundation, join us this week. We delve into the evolution of philanthropy in the digital era – where data analytics and AI aren’t just buzzwords, but catalysts for massive change.
  • Curious about tech’s transformative role in the nonprofit sector? This week, we chat with Jamil Khan, Digital Engagement Leader at Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation. From its origins, sparked by 4-year-old Alex Scott’s heartfelt lemonade stands, to its present-day impact, raising $250M+ for pediatric cancer research and family support. Tune in for an inspiring journey of resilience, innovation, and impact.

Published on September 13, 2023, last updated on October 3, 2023

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